Have you been considering selling your home? Many experts believe we may be at a peak in the market with interest rates continuing to rise. Many buyers will continue to lose buying power as the Federal Reserve continues to up these rates. This in turn will cause sellers to not be able to get as … Continued

Strike while the iron is hot

It’s tough to know when the right time to sell your home is, unless you’re in a situation that you need to (job transfer, etc.) The best time to sell is when the market is hot, and right now it’s certainly at a peak. It could continue to go up or it could go down. … Continued

Welcome Home Ryan

Ryan and I met two months ago, he is an avid listener to our radio show Florida Talk Real Estate. On this Saturday morning I was co- hosting an episode and we were talking about first time homebuyers. I went into detail of all the ways a deal can fall apart, and how I specialize … Continued

Control the Uncontrollable

Flashback to Wednesday afternoon, Ryan and Kristin closed on their first home after 32 days of putting an offer on the home of their dreams. We got though the inspection period, negotiated repairs and the house appraised at the purchase price. Two weeks after we were under contract we were just waiting to close. Five … Continued

Interest Rates are on the Rise

If you’re in the market to buy a new home, now may be the time to do so. According to Inman News the 30- year fixed mortgage rate has reached its highest level since April 2014. (https://www.inman.com/2018/02/16/real-estate-daily-market-update-february-16-2018/) What does this mean for buyers? You could begin to lose your buying powers, if you were pre-approved … Continued

First Time Homebuyer vs the Market

First Time Homebuyers are my favorite clients to work with. There is so much that is unknown when starting the process. Being able to guide them along is the most rewarding part of my job. They trust you to the fullest and your advice is everything because you are the expert. With that said, most … Continued

Stop Renting, just ask David and Jennifer

Today was a great day; I woke up early and headed to Stuart, Florida where David and Jennifer would be closing on their new home. I had met them only 32 days prior and they were tired of renting and making their landlord rich. They had dreams of being homeowners. Thirty days ago, we found … Continued

Negotiating is a Skill

Is your Realtor qualified to get the deal done for you? Finding the house is half the battle in a real estate transaction. Once you’re under contract, that’s when you see what your Realtor is made of. Negotiating can make or break a deal. My Team and I will fight for you and get you … Continued

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