Now is the Time to Buy

Being a homeowner is the American Dream. Most people think they’re not financially sophisticated enough, that notion is incorrect. If your credit is in good standing, you’ve been in the same job industry for consecutive years and you have some money saved up, you’re in a great position to buy. Another huge reason that now is the time to buy is that interest rates are low. According to an article by the National Association of Realtors 47% of consumers said it was a good time to buy, that figure is up from a year ago. As the economy improves, interest rates are expected to rise as well. Mortgage rates will likely surpass 4.5% by the end of the year and they’ll rise even higher in 2018. This will also in turn cause buyers to lose buying power. If you’re in the market, don’t wait until rates go so high that you’re forced to pick a house. Start the process today and capitalize while rates are still low. Your dream home is out there waiting for you.

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Grant Reever

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