Work with a Realtor who Understands the Finance Side of Your Transaction

Does your Realtor understand exactly what is involved when it comes to the mortgage side of your next real estate transaction? The fact is, most Realtors don’t fully understand. If you do not have the luxury of purchasing a home with cash, you need to understand the financial side. If you decide to hire me as your Realtor, I can take that pressure off of you. I take pride in talking to your lender throughout the transaction and informing my Clients what they can expect from A-Z.

My first recommendation is unless you’re prepared to put down 20-25% you should not be looking at condos. There is a small list of Associations that will accept a homeowner purchasing a condo under 20-25%, but the fact is it’s very rare. I work exclusively with lenders that make sure clients are desktop underwritten. What that means is they will not only check your paystubs and credit score, but they will run a deeper analysis, which entails debt to income ratios, etc. This makes you look much stronger as a buyer, and when the time comes to turn in an offer, the chances of it being accepted increase immensely. So, why choose a Realtor that understands the finance side of a transaction? It could be the difference between getting the house of your dreams or losing out.

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Grant Reever

Here are some properties in the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast

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