Is Jupiter the new South Beach?

The small Town of Jupiter, founded in 1925, has seen recent development, which has in turn commercialized this once small beach town. Growing up in the area, anytime I would meet someone while on vacation or visiting family in the northeast they would ask where I’m from I would explain “Jupiter” and the response was always the same, you mean the planet. Small, hole in the wall bars and restaurants still exist, but competition is going to make it tougher for these places to continue to grow. Former NBA star Michael Jordan is a partner in a new restaurant called 1000 North which is will be on the Loxahatchee River planning to open in the beginning of 2018. He is amongst other celebrities that have put their name behind restaurants in Jupiter, such as Tiger Woods who opened “The Woods” at Harbourside Place in 2015. What does all this do for residents? Well besides traffic getting heavier, the price of real estate has continued to go up. With such a desirable location, it would seem wise to grab a property while prices in certain areas are still reasonable.

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