Have you been considering selling your home? Many experts believe we may be at a peak in the market with interest rates continuing to rise. Many buyers will continue to lose buying power as the Federal Reserve continues to up these rates. This in turn will cause sellers to not be able to get as much for their homes as they’re asking. One thing your realtor is going to advise you of when you begin the process of getting your house ready to get on the market is to declutter and stage your home. The presentation of a house can get you much more than you’d expect. Most buyers will see your house online first and based on the pictures will decide on whether they want to see the house or not. When you put in the work to make your house look great, we call this sweat-quity. What you put in, you get out in equity. Wouldn’t you want 3-5% more for your home by making it look as good as possible. I have a feeling the answer is yes.


Check this beautiful House for Sale in Jupiter, FL.


Grant Reever 

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