First Time Homebuyer vs the Market

First Time Homebuyers are my favorite clients to work with. There is so much that is unknown when starting the process. Being able to guide them along is the most rewarding part of my job. They trust you to the fullest and your advice is everything because you are the expert. With that said, most home buyers are in the price range of $150,000- $300,000. This is an extremely competitive price point and houses go quick if they’re priced correctly.

Once I have had a buyer’s consultation and I know what my client is approved for, I can get them set up on the Multiple Listing Service portal which will notify them when a new house within their criteria comes on the market. In this current market and a price range of up to $300,000, houses will be under contract within a few days.

I coach my clients that we need to be proactive and get in the car and go see the property the day the house hits the market. What you must understand is that in that price range you’re competing against investors who will be paying cash, and cash is king. Another thing to take into consideration is that if you like the house, there’s a good chance 10-12 other people like it too, so you need to be the first one to see the property and if you like it we’re going to be writing up on offer on the hood of a car. A nice touch that can sometimes sweeten the deal once an offer has been submitted is to write a handwritten note to the listing agent or seller can be very powerful and may be the reason your offer gets accepted over another.

If a buyer understands this process and has a sense of urgency they will have a much smoother process and they won’t have to go through the pain of submitting offer after offer and losing out.

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Grant Reever

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