Wellington Homes For Sale

Technology has come a long way and led to a lot of conveniences, and it has now become easy and simple to look for homes in your desired region with just the click of a button. Now save time by not contacting expensive brokers, and with many real estate websites on the Internet, you can select the house that bests suits you and your family.

You can select your budget, the number of bedrooms and baths you prefer and the space you need, all through a single website you can control while relaxing in bed.


Why Wellington?

Wellington is a relatively little-known town in Florida with a population of just over 60,000 according to the US Census Bureau. It is a beautiful village and was named in the top 100 places to live in Money Magazine. The place is often referred to as the ‘Village of Wellington.’



As of 2015, the average income per household in the region was around $77,000 making it superior in these terms than other small towns in Florida. Around four-percent were recorded to be living under the poverty line, which again is not a big number. The village has many parks and malls and creates a very easy and luxurious lifestyle for its residents.



The WEF happens every year and is the largest Polo competition and attracts the extremely wealthy families of the world here including Bill gates’. The homes are accordingly highly priced, and one can get a 6-bedroom house for around $750,000, which is much higher than the prices in Port Saint Lucie. 3-bedroom costs around $350,000 on average in the region.

The construction and facilities of the house play a big part in the pricing of the house because a similar five bedrooms luxuriously built home with a swimming pool may cost you a million. You can get a single storied house in under $400,000 with 2 to 4 bedrooms, which is ideal for a family which also has children.

You can get a storied double house for the same price as well but that will probably be in the further rural areas of the village, and you will have to compromise in the location and view for the bigger size.


Schools and Activities

Your children will get the opportunity to attend well-managed elementary, middle and high schools in the region. The village is perfect for families and is home to many parks including water parks. Libraries and malls are present as well. Theatres host many plays and movies while nature centers are available for animal lovers as well. Transportation will not be an issue because of the efficient Palm Tran and Uber available in the village.

Wellington Homes For Sale
Wellington Homes For Sale

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